Hotel Broker Experience and Reputation

The Passport Group has over 20 years of experience as active hotel brokers in hospitality real estate based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving the west coast. Our expansive experience of the hospitality industry gives us access to a wide variety of clients and partners from private owners and operators to institutional owners and major lending institutions. This ensures that The Passport Group has the knowledge and solid reputation to be your trusted partner throughout the entire process.

Streamlined and Stress-Free Hotel Brokers Experience

We streamline the process of hotel transactions by navigating the complex details and procedures, guaranteeing a stress-free experience for our clients. Our extensive contact network helps us find the right partners and works to provide detailed current market research. We facilitate and negotiate transactions that are in our client’s best interest.

While our experience and connections are important, we believe that it takes far more to be successful in hotel brokerage. Understanding and facilitating transactions that are in our client’s best interest is a core principle. This requires a relentless pursuit of research, preparation and negotiation on behalf of our clients. Our foundation was built on these values, which is why we’re consistently regarded among the leading hotel, lodging and motel broker in the San Francisco Bay Area and the west coast.

Our Hotel Broker Clients Are Our Partners

When you join forces with The Passport Group, you benefit from the advice of a creative and skilled team of experts that you can trust. Our solutions allow us to plan effectively, eliminate unknown factors and strategically negotiate each transaction. This makes for a positive experience and ensures that our partners are in control throughout the entire process.

The Passport Group’s success stems from the valuable personal relationships we have developed with our clients. We communicate the entire process in an easy to understand way, working as a team to make important decisions. Relationships and communication are the cornerstones of our continued growth as Hotel Brokers.

Over 80% of our business comes from word-of-mouth or repeat clients. A positive outcome is not only a must for our clients, but it’s a critical factor in our success as well. We are ready, willing, and able to do everything possible to protect your interests and grow a long-lasting partnership.

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