Hospitality Services

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Hotel Brokerage Services

For over 18 years, the team at The Passport Group have been active hotel brokers in hotel real estate. We have worked with a wide range of clients including private owners, developers, and operators. Our experience as a hotel brokerage also extends to institutional owners such as banks, special servicers, and other lending institutions.

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Hotel Finance

Tracking down the right hotel finance option can be the biggest challenge for hotel owners. As a solution, The Passport Group’s strong relationships with hotel lenders make it easy for you to find the loan you need and get approved for what you want.

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Hotel Management

Hotel management is intensive and time-consuming. It requires a specialized set of expertise that focus on human resources and operations, among other hotel management services. Our goal is to make your life easier and to help ensure that your property is profitable. We also work with our expert partners such as Haversack Hospitality to ensure you are getting the best advice.

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Hotel Expert Witness

Just like in any professional transaction, hotel, motel and hospitality disputes can happen. Given the size of hotel transactions and the technicalities involved, it is not uncommon for a disagreement to happen. Professional mediation can be the best way to ensure all parties walk away heard, happy, and satisfied. At The Passport Group, we are happy to provide hotel expert witness services to ensure that your case is made in a professional way.

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Hospitality Consulting

Knowing what to do through each step of the hotel transaction requires significant experience and an eye for detail. We’ve seen it all at The Passport Group and are well versed in advising clients on how to maximize profits while minimizing risk.